Help protect families in Yemen.

Yemeni families were already facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, but now things are even worse. Families have been struggling to survive for years. The war – raging since 2015 and with no sign of a ceasefire – has left them homeless and living in desperate poverty amid violence, hunger and diseases like cholera.

Now, COVID-19 on top of severe shortages of food has heightened the risk to their lives still further again. Without help, many people in Yemen risk starving this winter or, weakened by hunger, could succumb to COVID-19. €80 could send a Family Emergency Kit to help desperate families survive.


YOU can save lives this winter.
Please help.

For most Yemenis, basic hygiene items like soap are beyond their reach

Almost 20 million people, or two-thirds of the population, rely on food aid to survive

A Family Emergency Kit can give a family all the essentials they need to survive

Before the war, Ibrahim and his family lived happily in their own home with land and livestock, while their children were well fed.

Now, like so many other Yemeni families, they live in a makeshift settlement fearful for their future – and especially for the children’s futures. Even soap and clean water as first line of defence against illnesses such as cholera and COVID-19 are beyond their reach.

Cholera had already claimed Ibrahim’s eldest son Muhammed. Now, Ibrahim is terrified that his four surviving children will die due to the lethal combination of hunger and disease.

It’s hard to imagine the stress of trying to keep your family safe in such an environment. YOU can save lives this winter.


COVID-19 is surging across Yemen, even as an ongoing cholera outbreak worsens. The UN has estimated that there are possibly up to one million Yemenis affected by the virus, with a fatality rate as high as 30 percent, as war has decimated the country’s health facilities. Will you help families to protect themselves in this unprecedented crisis?

Will you give €80, €160, €240 – or whatever you can afford – to help families like Ibrahim’s feed their children and stay safe from COVID-19?

Soud has already lost four children to airstrikes and measles. Now starvation and COVID-19 threaten her three surviving children.

Photo: VFX ADEN/Oxfam

Photo: VFX ADEN/Oxfam

Before the war, Yemen imported around 90 percent of its food. Now imports are scarce, prices are inflated and children are starving.

Photo: Oxfam in Yemen/Gabreeze

Photo: Oxfam in Yemen/Gabreeze

Families are making home-made masks, but they urgently need soap and clean water. Your gift could help save lives.

Photo: VFX ADEN/Oxfam

Photo: VFX ADEN/Oxfam

Together, we can help the most vulnerable stand a chance. Thank you, sincerely, for anything you can give today.

Thank you for anything you can give.

Colm Byrne, Humanitarian Manager for Oxfam Ireland