From crises in Ukraine to Syria, your consistent support has brought hope to millions facing conflict, displacement, and natural disasters.

In Ukraine, people forced to flee benefit from your kindness and support

"When the bombing started again, I did not know which child I had to cover with my body."

Diana, her husband and their children were living in Mykolaiv, close to the frontline when the war started. They fled the bombing four times but were afraid to leave Ukraine because Diana didn't have a passport. But their children were traumatised so they decided to leave anyway.

Your support is a lifeline to Ukrainians

The conflict is threatening lives and livelihoods, forcing people to flee. Homes have been destroyed or are no longer safe to live in. Families are separated and people injured and killed. Heavy fighting, shelling and air strikes across Ukraine have had devastating consequences. Health facilities, water supplies and schools have been damaged or destroyed.

More than six million people have fled the country.

Many more have had to leave their homes to escape the fighting. Refugees are arriving into Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova and other neighbouring countries with only what they can carry.
Too often, inadequate facilities wait for them. And overnight, temperatures drop below freezing.

Your compassion in action

With your help, we are providing refugees with legal aid, protection, water and sanitation, as well as food and non-food items such as blankets and clothes. We work with local organisations that focus on those most at risk fleeing the conflict.

Together, we're calling on leaders at home and at EU level to uphold their responsibilities to everyone forced to flee, from Ukraine and beyond.

The continuing crisis in East Africa

Hunger hurts the
poorest people most

They are the basics needed for life: water, food, and shelter. But in East Africa, millions are without these essentials. An historic five-season drought, combined with grain shortages and rising food prices, has pushed communities to the brink.

It's staggering. But then six months after the drought, torrential rains flooded farmland across Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, right in the middle of the harvest season.

Hundreds were killed. Thousands of homes and hectares of farmers' crops were destroyed. Nearly two million people have been forced to flee their homes and farms.

The situation is dire. But you are helping people across the region.


Fatuma Ahmed was forced by the drought to flee her village with her eight children. In their makeshift camp on the outskirts of Mogadishu, she shared the harrowing account of her journey.

"We barely survived the drought. Some of us walked for four days to reach this place. During the journey, water was scarce, we ran out of food, and the weather conditions were harsh."


Shamis Ali Dahir sits on a woven mat with her daughter Nasri Abdulahi. Next to Dahir is a crutch, which she needs to move around since she recently broke her leg. They talk about the weather, and how dry it has been in recent years here in their town.

"For the last three years, we have tried to grow crops. Every year, we try to plant, but it fails," Dahir, who is 40 and has eight children, says. Abdulahi adds, "When the 2022 seasonal rains failed to materialise, I was demoralised. I was so sad when I realised it was all dead."


Nyatoni is a mother of four and a refugee from South Sudan. She lives in a camp in western Ethiopia. Her sole source of income is the wood she cuts three times each day. She'll sell it and use it to cook for her family.

"Oxfam plays a vital role in providing water and sanitation to us. We have latrines, and we have water supply through pipelines."

Hunger in Yemen

Children worldwide are suffering from severe hunger. It's time to act. It's time to provide the essentials to those facing crisis.

Donate now, to provide the essential food needed to keep children alive.

Hunger HITS the poorest people hardest

Right now, 24.1 million people rely on aid to survive. More than half of those are children.

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Millions have fled their homes in search of safety. Yemenis face the triple threat of war, disease and hunger. Renewed fighting will force hundreds of thousands more to flee.

How you're helping in this crisis

Because of you, Oxfam works with local organisations to reach more than two million people in Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

Your support means:

After the earthquake, how your support is helping in Syria

The people of Syria have been suffering through multiple crises

It's impossible to imagine: 12 years of conflict, crumbling infrastructure, financial collapse, soaring food prices, and a cholera outbreak.

After the earthquake, four in 10 Syrians - nearly nine million people - said they'd been affected. Most are skipping meals every day. Many have lost their jobs. And most people turn to organisations like Oxfam to survive.

Syrians will need long-term support to even imagine a future with hope. But your kindness is bringing them crucial support.

How you help in Syria

Because you care, Oxfam is able to provide people affected by the earthquake with clean drinking water. Oxfam teams are installing water tanks in shelters, and repairing the pipes, pumps, and taps that deliver water to people's homes and livelihoods.

Your support also means we can deliver hygiene kits so people can live with dignity.

It's a simple, but painful truth.
Too many people around the world are suffering. From conflict, earthquakes and drought, from desperate poverty and inequality. But there's another truth: wonderful people, like you, care. And your care means everything.
Because of you, Oxfam Ireland can help provide shelter, food, and clean water to people who don't even have those basics. And we can work toward solutions that not only help in the moment, but that change the systems and structures that lead to so much pain.

Thank you for your kindness and for your support of Oxfam Ireland. We're proud to work with you to help the people who need us the most around the world.

Help us make an even bigger impact.

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